Hello, I'm Chris Murphy — I specialize in creating engaging, user-centric interactive experiences. Learn more about me, how I can help your project succeed, or my expertise with WordPress.


I believe that the act of creating a website, application, or blog is more than just aesthetics, it’s about how people want to engage with the experience. I craft interaction strategies that support the business requirements of the site and improve the experience of its users.

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About farfromfearless

This site acts as my online presence, where I write and discuss topics that interest me.  My interests for the most part have been on WordPress development with which I have developed several themes and an expert understanding of its features.  I also tend to talk about design and related topics that I feel strongly about, and these typically range from best practices for web design to opinions on the state of the creative industry.

About This Theme

The “Dusk” theme that you see with this site design is a juxtaposition of fluid and structured elements intended as an illustration on how each can both contrast and complement the other. The idea for this theme has been kicking around in my head for a little while and I had several false starts to its creation, but found incentive recently to push forward with the development of this concept.

From a development perspective, this theme takes advantage of Blueprint CSS and the 960 grid concept, which worked well to rapidly construct many of the page layouts. The application of JavaScript has been kept purposefully light, used only to enhance UI elements rather that construct them completely.

“Dusk” provided some interesting challenges, especially with the implementation of the portfolio. The shift in focus from an article driven site to a portfolio site required restructuring the information architecture in a way that preserved existing links (as not to have to resort to redirects). This theme leverages extended features  of WordPress’ along with its core capabilities as a publishing engine.

I have two other popular WordPress themes that I host here:

  1. Lemon TwistLearn more.
  2. Twilight SagaLearn more.

Core Services

Web Design & Development

Designing a new site, service, application or needing to refresh your current one? I can help you craft a look and feel that will effectively communicate your brand and ensure your users have the best possible experience with your site.

I leverage web standards to implement creative executions in a way that respects the technical requirements of a project, without sacrificing the aspect that make the project creative and engaging. Where flash is concerned, I develop rich internet applications and experiences that are most appropriate for the technology, blending the best of both worlds.

What I Offer:

  • Web Site Design
  • User Interface Design (web applications)
  • Web Standards Development
  • Flash Development (AS2, AS3)

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User Experience Design (UxD, IxD)

Planning the next killer app or website or need to improve the one you have? I can help you develop a solid, scalable Information Architecture or Interaction Design upon which your creative approach can succeed and evolve.

Crafting a look and feel is only part of a truly engaging experience -- the rest requires good planning and a solid interaction strategy that reflects how users work with technology today and scales for the future. I leverage proven methodologies to develop a user experience that services the business goals of the project and reflects how users prefer to experience the site.

What I Offer:

  • Site Auditing (Usability, Content, etc.)
  • Site Planning (Information Architecture)
  • Interaction Design (Wireframing)
  • Prototyping (Interactive Wireframes)

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Theme Design & Development

WordPress themes are highly customizable, but more often than not, the themes are rarely compatible with the look and feel of your existing site. I can design and develop a unique, premium theme that effectively implements your brand and provides you with the specific features you need.

I leverage web standards to develop solid, custom WordPress themes that are optimized for scalability and performance. The complexities of theme design & development is a burden I can easily shoulder, allowing you and your team to focus on the task at hand: leveraging your blog to communicate with your audience.

What I Offer:

  • Original Theme/Template Design
  • Theme/Template Markup (xHTML, CSS)
  • User Interface Enhancements (jQuery)
  • Theme/Template Widgetization

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WordPress Consulting

I am passionate about WordPress as a publishing platform and how the software can be leveraged in creative and effective ways. Having worked with the software extensively, I have developed a solid understanding of its capabilities and how best to leverage its features.

First time blogger or need a blogging solution for your company? I have implemented blogs with the WordPress publishing platform for small, medium, and enterprise clients, and I can tailor a solution for yours.

What I Offer:

  • WordPress Installation (Core)
  • WordPress Installation Maintenance (Core)
  • WordPress Plugin Integration (Core)
  • WordPress CMS Implementation

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